Hindsight is 2020

2020 was quite the year. Like everyone else, I started the year with great ambition… and then the world seemed to fall apart. The stress of a global pandemic finally broke many of society’s failings that were already falling apart. And more people started to pay attention.

That said, this blog is not for commenting on the world writ large, but rather is a small slice of some tech-y escape and indulgence. But as someone who’s better at this than me has said:

it’s not intended to steal any bandwidth from the truly important human rights issues going on, just to be clear. rachelbythebay

I’m an eternal optimist, so rather than focus on the struggles, let me tell you how 2020 was a good year, for me personally:

  • I got pregnant in March (just as lockdown struck).
  • I found all the exercise equipment me and a friend could need (just as exercise and routine became essential).
  • My husband physically went back in to work (just as we learned that we do better as partners than coworkers).
  • I stopped needing to wear real pants (as they started to not fit right).
  • My regular doctor embraced telehealth (when I was desperate for an appointment to confirm shingles).
  • My beautiful daughter was born (just as the year came to a close).

In awe of how unpredictable 2020 was1 I’m not going to make any promises or predictions for 2021. I know life has been hard for what feels like forever, but I hope you’ve been able to some bright spots and moments of joy, I know I did.

1 Or was it??


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