New Year, New Hobbies

With the new year, I’ve been re-thinking my hobbies. I haven’t done a major re-assessment in a while, and it’s pretty obvious that my interest in regular blog updates has waned. On the one hand, I have a ton of half-done blog posts and half-started emacs side projects. I wish I just had a good way to share them, but posting half-finished drafts just seems… shoddy.

Abandoned Posts

Just for the hell of it, here are the half-done blog posts I have hanging around. Let me know if any one in particular sounds interesting to you. Comments on this and all posts go directly to me (and for the time being I have no actual system for publishing them).

  • Creating a 2 column layout with emacs-dashboard
  • Alternate time systems
  • Getting into emacs ansi-term
  • Ediff is freaking amazing
  • How I debug emacs issues
  • Making org-mode presentations beautiful (presenting from within emacs)

New Interests

Anyways, here is a list of some hobbies that are sparking my interest right now.

  • Reading books that really capture my attention
  • Knitting (if only I had the time/space, but alas, not in this current season of life)
  • Trying out modal editing, maybe something like Meow
  • Trying a new keyboard and/or layout (I’ve been using Dvorak and Apple keyboards for a like decade ?!?)
  • Converting this website to a new tech stack


Comments are sent directly to me and may or may not be posted for display on this page.