Signs the 'New Normal' has Returned

At work we have an effort called the ‘return to new normal’ which is an admission that while we are returning to something that looks like pre-pandemic life, everything has changed and what is normal now is entitely different from before.

I (many others I know) are “exiting” the pandemic with new babies. If a global catatrophy doesn’t change your whole life, a baby certainly will. Some things become more important (like having a job that supports your new reality) and some things less so (like whatever you thought your 5-year career plan should be).

As my baby exits her first year, I am finding myself returning to a new normal. My hobbies, reading and knitting, have restarted after a long lockdown and pregnancy pause. In an effort to avoid storing my data in someone else’s system, I’ll be adding some reading logs and knitting project posts here.


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