WIP: Comments

WIP stands for work in progress.

If you’ve visited my site in the last month or so, you may have noticed a (poorly-stylized) comment box at the bottom of each of my blog posts. I’m working on setting a static-site friendly comment system. The goal is having all the comment data live within the blog repository (i.e., not using a third-party hosted service such as Disqus).

The general idea for the system is:

  1. Readers fill out a comment form that is processed through a third-party, which essentially forwards the text to my email. Status: complete, using formsubmit.co.
  2. I receive the comments in my email and add those comments to my blog repo. Status: workflow not finalized.
  3. Comments appear on the relevant post. Status: not started, requires html/css design plus Jekyll infrastructure/Liquid to make the right ones appear.

Right now, I am able to accept comments. I’ve even received a few useful ones (some helpful folks pointed out that my site was broken in dark mode on some browsers). I am thinking about letting commenters include their GitHub username, that way comments could appear as commits to my blog repository and folks could have their identity linked… but I haven’t worked out all the detail yet.

Anyways, feel free to leave comments, I do get them and read them all! The comments just won’t appear on the site itself, yet.


Comments are sent directly to me and may or may not be posted for display on this page.