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New Year, New Hobbies
Beautifying the Tab Bar
Generating Multiple Jekyll RSS Feeds
Package cl is deprecated
Jekyll Portfolio
Signs the 'New Normal' has Returned
WIP: Comments
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💬 Electro Shanty is now a thing.
Automatic Dark Mode for Your Website
Hindsight is 2020
📸 The Home Office
💬 Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.
📸 2020 ECP Annual Meeting, Houston, TX
💬 Some people have a Zen garden, I have my Emacs configuration.
2019 Review
My iPad Setup
Story: Beamer Slides at 30,000 Feet
Don't be afraid of eshell
Highlighting in Org-Mode
Sending Email from Org Mode
Verify git sign-off with TravisCI
Book Review: The Cuckoo's Egg
Beautifying the Mode Line
2018 Review: a Year as a Documentarian
A One-Webpage, Printable Resume
Emacs Delete vs. Kill
Developing ox-jekyll
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Org Export Hooks
Nevertheless, She Coded
Writing More
Org and Jekyll: A Survey
Configuring for Emacs 22 and 25
Knitting a Hat with a Motif: Intarsia in the Round
Career Next Steps
Part 2: Counting Words
Part 1: Using Org to Develop Elisp
Part 0: Word Count Goals
My Dream Documentation System
Converting from Sublime Text to Emacs
My Theory of Writing